Top 10 Riddles for Kids in English


What is riddle :- A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, Undermentioned are Top 10 Riddles and Answers for Kids Children.


  1. Why is river so rich?
  2. I went to buy wafers. I told to the salesgirl at the counter that I wanted 200g wafers. She was about 20 years old and around 160cm tall. What do you think she weighted?
  3. What is lighter than feather yet the strongest person on earth cannot hold it for more than several minutes.
  4. What has a neck but no head?
  5. What driver doesn’t has a licence.
  6. There are three houses in a straight row. One is red, one is blue and one is white. The red house is to the left to the middle.The blue house is to the right of the middle. Where’s the White House?
  7. What is in between YOU?
  8. It starts with the letter T and ends with the letter T and you pour tea from it. Tell me what is it.
  9. What goes up? when rain comes down.
  10. If I drink, I die. If i eat, I am fine. What am I?

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[tab title=”Answers” ]To see the answer click on Tabs[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 1″ ]Since it has2 Banks [/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 2″ ]She weighted Wafers[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 3″ ]Your Breath[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 4″ ]A Bottle[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 5″ ]A Screwdriver[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 6″ ]Washington DC[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 7″ ]O[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 8″ ]Teapot[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 9″ ]Umbrella[/tab]
[tab title=”Riddle 10″ ]Fire[/tab]

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